Alexandra Cordes

I help business analysts achieve a fulfilling career in consulting or contracting so that they can build their own business and have freedom and control over their finances and lifestyle.

Over the last fifteen years I have developed my career in consulting / contracting in organisations across a diverse range of business domains.

During this time I developed an understanding that business analysis must be based on delivering the best possible outcomes. I believe that results must be highly attuned to the unique nature of each business problem and be correctly aligned with business strategy.

Success is about creating value.

I also believe that is critically important to ensure all concerns are being listened to in order to solve business problems.

Successful projects depend on people.

The best idea in the world can only be effectively implemented when trusting relationships are established. Projects are likely to fail if the time is not put into understanding the needs of people first.

Your career depends on understanding these things… and other important concepts.

The aim of my coaching program is to help aspiring business analysts like you to develop a career that is truly fulfilling.

I will help you reach freedom and control over your career.

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