Do you fit the stereotype?

Most likely not. We are individuals with unique experiences and understanding of the world. Our work experience is valuable but varied and our skillset is wide-ranging.

However, this can make it difficult to fit the cookie cutter language of human resource departments – and the process of finding your next career prospect challenging.

HR units are usually overloaded with applicants. They will look for reasons to reject an applicant instead of finding justifications to bring them in for an interview.

The bottom line is that the more diffused your resume, the more important it is to craft a coherent story for your career. You need to make the message very clear, so employers can easily grasp your potential – a compelling narrative that even a sceptical HR professional would appreciate and value.

That requires an objective assessment of your background as well as strengths and weaknesses, something that we are not always qualified to do ourselves.

An outside perspective could be the very thing that could transform your career.

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