Not everything comes in the one neat package

But that’s okay…

I was recently talking to a business analyst who was not sure whether to accept an offer for a new contract role because she felt it might not provide a well-rounded range of business analysis activities. This meant that the job might not lead in the direction she wanted to take her career because it would not offer the level of desired experience.

This is a very valid concern, which can come from a lack of confidence in, or understanding of, our experience and underlying skills. It is often hard to see ourselves and understand the value that we can bring to the table. Therefore, we strive for the ultimate solution and fail to recognise opportunities when they fall in our laps.

And of course, in reality we often do not get to perform all BA activities in a single role.

However, you can look at the role and determine what it does offer and whether it has enough strength to add to your career profile (and keep you excited).

Ask yourself: does the position provide the opportunity to develop strong foundational experience in areas that I need?

You can also determine whether you can leverage opportunities that are not immediately apparent from the role description.

Ask yourself: is there scope to set up the job in such a way that I can practice the skills that I need?

For example, if you are required to engage with stakeholders to gather requirements, what techniques can you apply to consolidate and maximize your stakeholder engagement experience?

Sometimes the opportunities are hidden and take a little digging to find.

In my conversations it is more and more apparent that we find it very difficult to recognise the amazing gifts that we have. How to recognise these gifts is one of the things I address in my career advancement program. To learn more, you are very welcome to book a free call with me to talk about your current career challenges and goals. It is all about how I can help you move forward in your career.

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