Tools versus experience

I was on a call the other day with a business analyst, who said that one of her struggles was lack of experience, especially in the application of tools. In this context when I say tools, I mean frameworks and modelling techniques and the software that supports them. Her concern was that there are so many things to know and learn, and it is overwhelming. It seems that there are so many techniques to apply these days and it is confusing to know where to start.

In my opinion, there can be a tendency to over rely on having a swag of tools to give you confidence. It is like if you are good at the tools then you are a good business analyst, but this is not true. Tools are only as good as the problem you are solving. Of course, they are important, but they are not the place to start.

The real value in business analysis is understanding the problem. You gain true experience in engaging with your stakeholders, understanding their issues and aligning with their needs. When you have defined the problem then you can make a difference. You are able to narrow down and choose the right tool and use it to analyse and communicate the problem and articulate a possible solution. This way there is less overwhelm, and you can produce better results.

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