You are worthy and amazing! (for business analysts)

I hear a lot stories of business analysts and aspiring business analysts and their experiences in job market. There is no doubt that applying for a new position can be very challenging and a lot of work. In fact, it can be exhausting.

Searching for opportunities, updating your CV, addressing selection criteria and, if you are fortunate, preparing for interviews takes an enormous amount of energy. It is easy to second guess yourself in the process, and when things don’t go right you wonder what you have done wrong. Applying for a new role requires resilience, determination and persistence.

It requires that you are confident in your abilities and the value that you bring to an organisation. And let me remind that you do have a lot to offer.

In my career transformation program, I help you tap in to the worthy and amazing qualities that you have. We look at your skills, abilities and attributes that you bring to the table and we package them in to you, the business analyst. So, when you apply for your next job you are empowered with knowing exactly what you want, who you are and what you have to offer. This is your sure advantage.

Currently, I am taking enrolments for my program for commencement in August. You can learn more by clicking on this link:

~ Alexandra

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